The Redbook Project

Popular Soul-Jazz from Berlin

Bring in what you got. 

This was the beginning of an unusual but breathtaking sound, that The Redbook Project delivers.

MAXX formed the project in 2016 and had been working and thriving and changing with it ever since. Creating a very personal moment of music mixing Soul-pop, Jazz and Hip-Hop, The Redbook Project fusions Popular music and Jazz in a by now unheard way.

Bands like Hiatus Kaiyote, Robert Glasper Experiment, Snarky Puppy and many more, have been their inspirations and teachers.

Putting her heart and mind in the music she and her fellow musicians eventually closed the gap between extremely specialised music and over commercialised Popular music.
Believing in the music to be a a medium with immense depth The Redbook Project found their own voice in it. Staying free from commercial dependency and the need to fit to the popular market, the Project had been free to experiment with different styles evaluate a content they found to be necessary to work with  and a connection to the music, giving their audience a diverse sound and lyrics to personally connect to it too.


The Redbook Project generates more and more interest and a great support from international artists, fans and investors. 


“Yo. This is great!! Really dig your voice. Has a real unique tone

and quality. Really like it.” (Bill Laurence)


 “Bravo to you and the whole band for putting your hearts and souls

into these songs.” (Omer Klein)